What is meant by Personal Development in the context of Human Potentiality?

We can have different personalities in different contexts (at home/ at work/ at social events, etc) but these share common threads of who we are and this can be called the "personal self".

Personal Development (also known as self-development or personal growth) comprises the development of the "personal self".

In this context, Personal Development, means a full and total transformation from deep within and not just a temporary personality change for a specific occasion or context.

Your "human" potential, then would be the extraordinary potential within you that is largely untapped. Through the cultivation of this "human" potential you can experience an exceptional quality of life filled with happiness, creativity, and fulfillment.

The outcome of this experience will be actions within society that will invariably be directed towards helping others release their potential, thereby bringing about positive social change.

Donald Gordon Carty, presents this concept through what he calls the Personal Development Marketplace.

What is the "Personal Development Marketplace" ?

The Personal Development Marketplace is presented through one of the finest Collections of Personal Development eBooks available online and a myriad of free Personal Development resources and links.

This eclectic collective of Personal Development Information is the "fruit" of nearly four decades of analysis and research of centuries of Wisdom. The very best of the Ages!

"A fine first harvest". says Donald Gordon Carty "and as new ground is cultivated more information will be added to this 'Marketplace'... information is empowering"

Following are some of the Major links within the Personal Development Marketplace.

"Have a pleasant journey, 'search and discover'"

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