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Donald Gordon Carty

Personal Developement Institute

awaken - dare to envision, believe and create

Canadian Offices: Winnipeg, Manitoba and Oromocto, New Brunswick. Canada

United States Office: Atlanta, Georgia USA

Phone: 850-725-0527  Email address:


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Reasons and Benefits - Hiring Donald Gordon Carty to Present a Program, Keynote or Presentation

The desired tone/mood of the conference is set in a powerful, energizing way.

Your members, regardless of their tenure within the organization, find valuable techniques to experience and nurture their work and life.

Your members are encouraged to act on their dreams and aspirations reaching new heights within your organization, their personal life or career.

You get an expert with one of the most powerful personal stories that can inspire and guide your people to superior heights.

You get an expert who takes the time to learn about your organization and the people within it.

You get a master keynote expert who has decades of in-depth, hands-on experience with international groups. Donald understands what it takes to keep your people engaged.

You get an expert who uses his ability to connect with members of all walks of life and positions.

You get an expert who brings a fresh perspective to age-old wisdom combined with cutting edge science.

You get an expert who brings meaningful, easy-to-use techniques to all his programs.

You get an expert who is committed to success, yours, your attendees, the meeting and his own.

You will define the purpose and meaning of your life..

You will find yourself in phase with what it is you want, raising your consciousness to be able to hold more of what you want.

You discover how to determine what really matters in your life, giving you a clearer personal definition of success that aligns with your inner truth.

You will have the know-how of attracting what it is that you want while repelling what you don’t want.

You will heal your history so that you can create your desired outcomes regardless of personal history, present situation or perceived future challenges.

You will recognize and stop your internal saboteur, liberating resources that help you “stay on track” when you go back home.

You will release beliefs that do not support who you are becoming giving you a new outlook on life that will energize you to be as effective as you can be while enjoying peace of mind.

You will embrace the connection between your past failures and your future successes.

You will harvest inspiration to accelerate you towards your imagined life and aspirations, giving you the courage to quit what doesn’t work while following your soul.

You will know what to do with your newly acquired information in a practical format that will connect you to your innate courage in order to overcome the obstructions to your dreams and accomplishments.